eGovernment Program

The Government Information Management and Services specialization (GIMS) (shorthand reference of eGovernment) is an entirely online program that focuses on the nature, current impacts, and potential future impacts of digital information, services, and resources on access to and use of government services. From open government to big data to interactive online services, governments around the world are increasingly relying on Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to:

  • Engage their residents;
  • Reinvent the ways in which governments function;
  • Rethink how government and residents interact;
  • Create new approaches to policy- and decision-making; and
  • Create new paradigms for the delivery of innovative government information, services, and resources in a digital (eGovernment) context.

Digital government technologies and services reside within a highly dynamic context that offers significant potential – and challenges – in terms of how best to foster innovation and engage in best practices. This specialization includes study of the nature of government data and information, the role of the political process and information policy in shaping the development of eGovernment, the opportunities and challenges that eGovernment presents in meeting community challenges, how populations can leverage or be excluded from eGovernment, the ways in which information professionals can serve as key community-based intermediaries between governments and populations, and the means of evaluating the impacts and successes of eGovernment. The specialization also addresses critical foundational content areas that information professionals require in designing, delivering, evaluating, and managing eGovernment.